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Sandy Vallery Bison Products

Here at Sandy Valley Bison we have a full range of commercial products when available to the market place. From the magnificent wool that Bison produce, the raw hide and also the tanned leather can be used to many applications.

Bison Wool

Bison are moulting animals which shed their coats in the spring of each year. Native Americans have used the fibre for rope, stuffing for insulation, and fibre art.

That a 1,000 kg animal should wear a winter cloak so fine, so light, over its massive head and shoulders is startling. Bison fibre is made up of course guard hairs and fine downy hairs.

The guard hairs are hollow and range from 21 to 110 microns in diameter; with an average 59.0 microns (this is similar to course human hair).

The fine downy hairs are solid and are covered with fine scales. Downy fibres range in diameter from 12 to 29 microns. Moisture regain of bison wool ranged from 13 to 20 percent. This is a broader range than that of sheep’s wool, which ranges from 14 to 16 percent.

Moisture regain is a measure of the amount of moisture a fibre will hold without feeling wet and is used to understand the comfort level of a fibre. The more moisture a fibre will hold, the more comfortable it is to wear.

Bison wool is strong, fluffy, very insulating and warm. It is warmer than sheep wool. According to the spinners who work with the bison wool, they say that it has more bulk, bounce and resilience than other exotic fibres.

Bison fibre has no lanolin, which many people are allergic to. Lanolin is also what moths like to eat.


Bison skins are used for a large variety of applications, stripped of all the wool and hair, rawhide was dried scrapped thin and used as containers to carry food and tools. Thicker body sections were salted and dried and shaped as shields. Rawhide was cut and sewn into buckets for water carrier, shaped and sewn for moccasin soles. The raw skin was scrapped thin and used as drums, cut and shaped as knife sheaths. Cut in long thin strips and plaited as ropes cut into very thin strips and rolled by hand rawhide was used to sew clothing.

To the native American Indian, the bison was an endless supply of every day uses.

Sandy Valley Bison Products are of the highest quality.


Bison hides were tanned and used as blankets and bedding. Cut and sewn as warm winter coats. Tanned leather was used as saddles and saddle blankets.



Bison Skulls, bleached or dried
Bison Robes Tanned or Salted
Bison Bones