Sandy Valley Bison - Our Story

Sandy Valley Bison is owned and operated by STEVE & KYLIE TOLMIE.

For many years Steve had a vision of watching the thunder beasts happily grazing on his own land. Sandy Valley is 125 hectares sub-divided into smaller paddocks. Preparing the first holding paddock of 25 hectares was a big deal, the fences needed to be much higher,1.8 meters as well as an electric wire installed. Other paddocks have been set up with the same security precautions with electric wire and high fence line. Some pasture improvement was needed to keep up a supply of grasses both summer and winter. New handling yards were built for the Bison so that all handling could be done from out side the yard complex for safety.

The first bison to arrive came from WESTERN PLAINS ZOO in DUBBO in the autumn of 2007 these were 1 bull and 2 steers. A Harley ride down to visit Ashley and Deanne Brown of BEETOOMBA BISON then a casual walk around their fabulous Bison herd to select the first 4 females and the Sandy Valley herd is started. The cows arrived 3 weeks later to their new home. When the stock truck pulled into the bison paddock, the 3 males were very curious and came straight over to see the action. Their keen sense of smell could detect the female bison even over all the cattle truck smells. The girls unloaded with out any problems, all the bison romped around the paddock the girls checking out the place and the boys following their new friends.


July 29th the late evening arrival of 4 more Bison cows and a young Bison bull was just as exciting to me as the first group. They all unloaded from the cattle truck safely and grouped together and headed straight for the water, thirsty work riding in trucks. Monday morning feed time the new guys suffered a little pushing and shoving from the others to establish the pecking order, by days end every one was settled in and happy together.

Sandy Valley Bison is now owned and operated by Steve & Kylie Tolmie. Bison have always interested Steve and it has been a long time dream to have the thunder beasts roam his land. Steve & Kylie were married in may 2015 and the bison like her so she is staying.